Managing Credit — Made Simpler: Balancing Act

You have generally tried to manage your money well, but perhaps your financial situation changed over the past year or two as it did for so many people. Perhaps someone in your household lost a job or you had some unanticipated expenses that led to some high credit card balances. You may have been able to manage your new financial situation for a while — taking money from your savings account or perhaps even your retirement account to pay your bills. But now those accounts are running out, and you need to develop a new plan before your financial situation gets worse.

We're here to help. BBB's Managing Credit — Made Simpler provides a set of clear guidelines that will help you take charge of your financial situation.

Topics We'll Cover:

  1. Two Strategies to Pay Off Balances Faster
  2. Five Ways to Find More Cash…and What to Do with It to Help Your Financial Situation
  3. Need More Help? Good Ways to Get Help Now
  4. Going Forward → How to Improve Your Credit Score (and why it will help you)
  5. Protect Yourself from Fraud → A Valuable Checklist