Credit can be a strong financial tool to help consumers and small business owners manage their money. Effectively managing credit requires a solid understanding of some key credit “Rules of the Road.” Borrowers must understand the agreements that they enter with lenders. They must have a healthy dose of personal responsibility, and should establish patterns that will keep them in good standing with their creditors.

Most credit users understand the need to manage credit effectively, but they are not a “One Size Fits All” group. The needs and perspectives of credit users differ, based on their level of experience with credit and how large their outstanding balances are.

BBB created Managing Credit — Made Simpler to give customized credit management guidance to different types of credit users, based on their specific needs and perspectives. Each of three (3) customized versions give credit users the strategies and guidelines they need to take charge of their specific financial situation.

Select and open the version of Managing Credit-Made Simpler that best offers guidance to fit your needs:

“New to Credit”

Here are clear guidelines that will be helpful to consumers interested in securing their first credit card and managing a personal credit line for the first time. Having a good credit record may help you qualify for lower interest rates, and your credit record may also affect your ability to get a job, an apartment or affordable car insurance, among other things.

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“Balancing Act”

You have generally tried to manage your money well, but perhaps your financial situation has changed recently. You may have been able to manage your new financial situation for a while, but mounting bills and limited resources have made you aware that you need to develop a new plan before your financial situation gets worse.

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“Overwhelming Obligations”

This version offers advice that can help someone who needs to pay down high balances.

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