Managing Credit — Made Simpler: Small Businesses

Credit cards can be an important source of funding for small businesses. Small-business credit cards can provide much-needed cash flow to help build your business, and many business cards offer special record-keeping resources and valuable rewards programs that can stretch your dollars further. But credit cards can also make it easy to build up big balances — and their corresponding interest charges — which can make it more difficult for your business to be profitable.

We're here to help.

BBB's Managing Credit — Made Simpler provides a clear set of guidelines that will help you make wise decisions on small-business credit cards and identify strategies to help you take charge of your business’s financial situation.

Topics We'll Cover:

  1. Choosing the Right Kind of Card for Your Business
  2. Putting Your Best Foot Forward When Applying for Credit for Your Business
  3. Two Strategies to Pay Off Balances Faster
  4. Three Ways to Find More Cash…and What to Do with It
  5. Need More Help? Good Ways to Get Help Now
  6. Protect Yourself from Fraud — A Valuable Checklist